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About Me

I am a Wellington based artist and poet and the author of two books of my paintings and poems "Where Music Lives" and the international award winning "Laughter and Magic Shoes".

I was born in Chile of Hungarian parents, we immigrated to New Zealand when I was a child and this beautiful, welcoming country became our home.  Although mainly self taught as an artist I received tuition in earlier years from my grandmother, a trained and highly gifted artist, craftsperson and poet.

My professional life has been diverse - senior roles in the corporate world, years as a business consultant, but always painting and writing poetry whenever possible.  Eventually the call of the creative became too strong and I stepped away from my business career to focus on art and open a studio gallery. 

My work is inspired by people - relationships, emotions, the search for meaning and belonging, the journey of life in all its complexities, challenges and joys, our connection with mother earth.  I love colour, design, bold lines and folk art traditions, especially Hungarian.

Over the years my paintings have been regularly exhibited in various cities around New Zealand and also in Europe, the work is held in public and private collections both locally and overseas.  Today I continue to create and exhibit from my studio gallery based in the picturesque bush clad hills near Wellington.


Artist's Statement

I draw the inspiration for my paintings from the human quest to find truth and meaning within the self and within life.

There is the ever-changing and challenging inner world with its emotions, struggles, strivings, victories and defeats; there is our relationship with others and with our earth; there is the spiritual, the search for personal fulfilment and meaning, the moments of despair, of "glad grace", of inner silence and peace; there is the noticing and awareness of the small, ordinary things that can give meaning, joy and motivation; there are our myths and stories and the journeys we make both physically and in our spirit; there is the inspiration and strength drawn from our national identity and heritage.

There are also the "seasons of us", the choices we make and the consequences of those choices.

Underlying the paintings is the quest for that which gives life its true texture and meaning.  This can be sometimes just a moment - a moment of perception and realization of the fundamental unity, beauty and truth behind all things.

From this moment can come courage, purpose and hope.

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